3 Reasons Why Roof Ventilation is Important for Your Home. Ventilation is a key factor for your roof life. It enlarges your roof life while reducing energy costs and indoor temperatures during hot months.

Air flows properly through a well-ventilated attic, preventing overheating and moisture generation in it.

Your roof is one of your most important home investments. So, we’ll show you an in-depth look at why roof ventilation is critical for your home.

3 Reasons Why Roof Ventilation is Important for Your Home

How does roof ventilation work?

Ventilation equals air flowing, and the two main methods to generate airflow within an attic are:

  • Mechanical: Requires a power source.
  • Natural: The stack effect and the wind effect work together to circulate the air naturally.

When hot air increases create higher pressure in the attic. But this hot air cannot escape without an inlet for cooler, low-pressure air. This is the stack effect.

When the wind blows against the outside of a roof increases the volume of intake (cool air entering) and exhaust (hot air escaping). It is known as the wind effect.

So, a well-vented attic depends on intake and exhaust to generate the natural airflow.

Roof ventilation at work

There are two main types of roof ventilation:

  • Exhaust vents: exhaust escape through these vents. Ridge vents are the typical exhaust vents and are placed at the intersection of two roof planes or the ridge. Usually, they are made of the molded, high-impact copolymer. Roof louvers, gable louvers, wind turbines, and power attic ventilators are all visible exhaust vents that go outside your roof. Likewise, power attic ventilators require a power source while the rest doesn’t need electricity.
  • Intake vents: Installed at the end of the roof, they are made of a copolymer material too. Roofers install them at the eaves under the soffit, at the drip edge, or under the shingles at the roof’s edge. They allow cool air to enter the attic, forcing warm air to exit through the ridge vents.


3 Benefits of Roof Ventilation

  1. Extends the life of your roof

You may think icicles on roof edges look beautiful. But you can’t see the damage they do to roofs’ edges.

Ice damming occurs when heat from inside your attic and heat outside your roof melts snow and ice. Then, the water freezes again, creating the ice dam. As the ice accumulates at the roof edges, water back up behind the roof materials, causing damage to your roof system. Even your attic and your walls may suffer damage.

Proper ventilation allows warm air to escape before it melts the snow and ice on your roof.

On the other hand, ventilation benefits a roof when it’s hot outside as well. When the temperature outside rises, your roof temperature can be nearly double. So, a hot roof over a poorly vented attic translates into a very hot attic, and this heat can damage your shingles from the inside out.

  1. Reduces energy costs

A properly vented roof allows heat to escape, which reduces the air conditioner workload.

  1. Reduces indoor temperature extremes

A poorly vented roof produces extreme temperatures indoors. But, if your roof allows the hot air to escape and the cool air to enter the attic space, your home will be more comfortable year-round.

How many roof vents do you need?

You can ask your roofing contractor for the number of roof vents your roof requires. However, if you have a vapor barrier in the attic, the rule of thumb is one vent for every 300 square feet. If there is not a vapor barrier, you should install one for every 150 square feet.

How we can help you vent

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Do You Need a New Roof?

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