5 Quick Ways to Clean Your Metal Roof. Apart from being visually stunning, metal roofs are exceptionally resistant to fires and easy and quick to install. What’s more, metal roofs shed snow and rain quite easily because of their smooth finish. These roofs are lightweight and virtually maintenance-free. To learn how to maintain and clean your metal roof, it’s important to understand why it is necessary.

5 Quick Ways to Clean Your Metal Roof

Importance of Cleaning a Metal Roof 

Many homeowners have this misconception that cleaning a roof merely improves its appearance. Since your roof protects your home from the elements including rain, storms, mold, and debris. So, proper and regular cleaning is crucial if you want to maintain the structural integrity of your roof as well as your home.

In absence of regular cleaning, dirt, leaves, and other debris keep sitting on your roof for a long time. Over time, they start damaging the critical roofing components and cause issues like mold growth and roof leaks. Furthermore, the damage can even lead to premature roof replacement. The good news is that cleaning and maintaining metal roofs are effortless, especially if you have trusted and experienced roofers at your disposal.

Now that you have some idea about the importance of regular roof cleaning, let’s take a look at some simple tips that you can use to keep your roof in pristine condition at all times.

Simple Steps to Clean Your Metal Roof 


1. Take Necessary Precautions and Safety Measures 

Make sure to consider your safety first before attempting any kind of roofing task. Get a sturdy harness and strap yourself securely while you’re cleaning your roof. Most importantly, don’t do it alone. Have someone experienced to help you.

2. Use A Safe and Mild Cleaning Solution

While you can use a DIY solution to clean your metal roof, it’s recommended to not put harmful chemicals in it. TSP is a safe and effective cleaning solution for metal roofs. And don’t forget to wear appropriate protective gear including gloves as some chemicals may irritate your skin and eyes.

3. Prepare Your Roof 

A wire brush can be effectively used to remove corrosion from your roofing components. While today’s metal roofs are highly rust-proof, this step is necessary to ensure that you’re getting rid of actual dirt and debris. However, avoid using harsh chemicals on a metal roof as they can cause more harm than any good.

4. Clean the Roof

Start cleaning your roof by first scrubbing away the mold and mildew from every nook and cranny. This may take some effort but make sure that you remove almost all the stains.

5. Rinse after Roof Wash

Once you’ve properly cleaned your roof, rinse off the cleaning solution from the surface. You can use a hose to serve the purpose, but a power washer will deliver you the best results. You might miss a few areas on your roof while cleaning. If these are some harmless scratches, you can simply apply a layer of paint over them along with a primer.

Keep in mind the following Tips and Tricks while cleaning your Metal Roof:

  • Make sure to clean your metal roof once or twice every year.
  • Dilute the cleaning solution appropriately to make sure it doesn’t damage your roof.
  • DIY roof cleaning can be risky if you’re inexperienced. Therefore, don’t rush things and take your time to clean your roof properly and safely.


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