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7 New Year’s Home Improvement Resolutions to Make in 2021. When a year is arriving at its end, we all usually plan New Year’s resolutions. So, this new 2021 year will not be different. But, do not forget to include your home in your purposes.

Most people tend to think about personal goals. However, home improvement must be a critical objective for every homeowner. Your home is perhaps your most important investment and the place where your family is safe. You feel satisfied when performing improvements in your home. Additionally, these projects increase your property’s value along with its longevity.

7 New Year’s Home Improvement Resolutions to Make in 2021

Are you unsure about what your home requires? Do you want to give your house something new?

So, this is the moment to challenge you! Turn into reality these home improvement resolutions during the New Year:

  1. Clean out one room per month:

Cleaning up and sorting everything in the right place is an excellent beginning. But, do you think it is overwhelming to clean out the whole house? Then, maybe you should adopt a step-by-step approach. 

Divide and conquer! That’s what a famous saying says. Thus, give yourself an entire month to sort and clean up each space of the house. You can set aside one hour or two weekly to work on each room. It will make the work looking easier, and at the end of the year, your home inside will look new.

Researchers from Princeton University demonstrated that the more clutter you have, the harder it is to focus on specific tasks. Therefore, by cleaning out every room of your house, you will increase your productivity.

  1. Renovate and sort out problematic rooms:

Is it irritating to get into that problematic room? Perhaps, you don’t like how it looks. Maybe you don’t have any idea about how to use it.

This New Year is the best opportunity to tackle a redecorating project in that space or even in every room needing fixing or renovation.

You can redecorate by introducing some simple adjustments without spending too much money. Change paint colors and pillows, install new curtains, or even move the furniture around. 

Sociologist Jean Baudrillard in his book The System of Objects asserts something interesting. He says that each element in a room, from furniture to furnishings, is an expression of us.

Hence, if a space of your home doesn’t make you feel good, maybe it doesn’t reflect your personality. So, define how you desire each room to work for you. Also, you have to think about how you want it looks. Then, you can start its renovation.

  1. Get Seasonal:

You can provide a lively and enjoyable environment to your home by adjusting your home decoration to every holiday and season. Do you need some help to getting inspired? Don’t worry, Better Homes and Garden’s seasonal decorating guide offers you many ideas for your home decorating according to each season. 

By planning ahead of time how your home will look depending on the season or holiday, introducing changes will be easy. Also, it is possible to do low-cost changes such as changing wall art or switching mantel decorations.

  1. Improve Your Curb Appeal:

It is pleasant when you see your home from outside, and it has nice curb appeal. Isn’t it? It does not matter if you spent thousands of dollars turning your home inside into a palace. Nobody will be interested in it unless your home’s outside is attractive. According to Better Homes and Gardens, you can increase your house value up to 15% by having beautiful landscaping and curb appeal.

Put into practice some basic ideas. For example, you can clean your siding, perform a roofing inspection, prune and weed your garden or paint your home’s exterior.

If upgrading your house outside is discouraging for you, remind the advice we gave you before. Divide this heavy effort into smaller activities and challenge yourself to accomplish these shorter tasks. So, you will make the process easier, you’ll get an achievement sense, and give your home a nice looking. 

  1. Go Green:

Did you know that you could be wasting around $400 from your yearly energy consumption? An amount like that “could be going to waste from drafts, air leaks around openings, and outdated heating and cooling systems.” That’s what Energy.gov estimated from the average energy bill in the US every year.

Thus, there are good reasons for the growing ecological trend existing during the last decades. 

So, when installing Watkins Construction & Roofing’s Quantum2 Heat Mirror Windows, you will avoid wasting money and help to preserve the environment.

Likewise, you can introduce other simple but significant ecological improvements. Among them, we can mention installing a smart thermostat, cleaning the air filter each month, and change your light bulbs with LED.

By performing a small project every month, you will transform your home into a nice and green place during the year.

  1. Do More DIY:

Homeowners feel satisfied when completing home projects by themselves. Most of them like to carry out these tasks because they enjoy it and others due to they save money. Indeed, a Google study informs that 47% of people do DIY projects because they like it, while another 38% do them to save money.

DIY projects generate a strong sense of accomplishment. Besides, when you finish one, you want to tackle the next one, even if they are hard or demanding.

Therefore, challenge yourself this year to make more home improvement projects with your own hands. 

  1. Save for Future Home Improvements:

Home renovations require that you save money to complete them. Hence, you should have a plan to assign monthly amounts to build a budget for these projects. 

Do you consistently save money? Then, you’ll obtain sooner than later the funds to get that dreamed kitchen or giving your home a new roof.

It is a good idea to have separate savings or checking accounts for home improvements. By doing so, you can track your savings easier. But, be careful about using them on other expenses during the year. 

Create a Safe and Sturdy Home in 2021

One of your main resolutions for this year should be to provide a robust roof to your home. So, start the year by ensuring that your roof is in good shape to protect all your new years’ projects.

So, call Watkins Construction & Roofing at 601-966-8233. Also, you can visit us online to request an estimate anywhere in Brandon, Byram, Madison, Ridgeland, or Jackson, MS. 

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