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8 Tips to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape. Many times, those things we cannot see make the biggest differences. It also applies to roofing. Usually, the elements that affect most of your roof are not evident to our eyes. We only can see their effects. 

So, how can we protect our roofs if we cannot see these things? Don’t worry. It only will require a ladder, a little effort, and an 8-points checklist that we’ll provide you.

Next, you’ll see 8 roof maintenance tips that will allow you to keep your roof in good shape. Despite you don’t see those damaging invisible forces. 

  1. Keep Your Gutters Clean:

Your gutters and downspouts are a deposit of asphalt shingles’ granules, tree branches, leaves, and so forth. When they are clogged, the rainwater flows back to your roof, causing leaks. Also, it can generate water damaging your walls and ceiling. 

Thus, you must ensure your gutter system is always free of blockages. You can prevent grave damage like a roof decking rot by executing this simple measure. Check your gutters periodically, or call a professional roofer to clear out any obstruction.

8 Tips to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape
  1. Trim Tree Branches Close to Your Roof:

You may think that those tree limbs overhanging your home make a beautiful scene. However, they are a danger to your roofing system. If a sudden storm breaks down those limbs and branches, your roof will pay the consequences. If they hit the roof, they can open ways for water to filter into your attic. Also, through these ways, any insect can get inside your home.

Likewise, some landscaping may grow close to your home at a ground level. So, check there is no vegetation blocking your gutters from draining the rainwater. By doing so, you’ll prevent damage to your walls and house foundation.

Therefore, you can avoid problems like this and costly repairs by only trimming menacing branches some feet away from your roof.

  1. Remove Snow From Your Roof:

Snow in the ground around your home may be funny for your kids. But, it can be dangerous if your roof accumulates a big amount of snow on it. This situation is especially critical if your roof is old and shabbier due to the possibility of a collapse.

Using a snow rake, you can carefully remove the snow you can reach. This way, you will reduce the snow load on your roof and the danger over your home and family.

  1. Inspect for Missing or Cracked Shingles:

The harsh effect of weather elements will wear and tear your asphalt shingles. Hurricanes, strong storms, and hails can damage any roofing system. Also, severe summer weather with high temperatures makes shrink or crack your shingles. If this situation combines with intense summer storms, your shingles may end ripped from your roof.

Watkins’ roofs can last for decades because of their design and robust structure. But, extreme climatic events like these can damage even the strongest roofing system. 

In this sense, it would take only take you some minutes to inspect your roof from the ground. You even can use a pair of binoculars to check in detail. By doing this, you will identify missing or damaged shingles and timely addressing their repairing.

Also, you can solicit a professional roofing inspection to ensure an in-deep checking.

  1. Eliminate Mold and Moss:

The wind carries mold spores, moss, and algae spreading them from a roof to another one. 

Algae don’t tend to cause roofing damage. But, mold and moss usually are harmful. These two elements prosper in humid areas. Hence, detecting their presence in your roof can mean the existence of a leak.

On the other hand, moss can curl your asphalt shingles. So, this can lead to you losing some shingles during the next storm. Likewise, moisture will infiltrate your roofing system layers.

It is important to eliminate timely any sign of moss and mold from your roof. To keep these plagues away from your roof, you can use a liquid mixture of chlorine bleach and water. Spray any affected area of your roof with this liquid. Let it act for 15 to 30 minutes, and powers wash it off later. 

When doing this cleaning, protect any plant on the ground from directing this liquid to it.

  1. Seek for Leaks in the Attic and Ceiling:

A visual inspection can show you the current condition of your roof. However, if you are not a roofing professional, perhaps some leaks may escape from your sight. Indeed, only by checking from inside your home, you can spot some infiltrations. 

So, you must include in your roofing maintaining routine to inspect your attic and the ceiling. Dedicate some minutes to looking in detail at signs of moisture or water stains.

  1. Ensure a Tough Insulation:

Do you know that your home can lose up to 25 percent of its heat due to poor insulation? 

Hence, it is necessary to insulate effectively your attic. If your roofing insulation is installed correctly, it can last up to 40 years. So, you’ll recover the money you invest on strong roofing insulation through energy bill savings.

Besides, you will reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your home comfortable during winter.

  1. Request a Roofing Inspection:

You can conduct many roofing maintenance tasks to contribute to enlarging your roof lifespan. But, frequently, only professional and trained eyes can detect some types of roofing issues.

In this sense, scheduling a professional roofing inspection at least once per year is a wise decision. Even it is very recommendable to do this after every strong storm. As a result, you will keep your roofing system in good condition showing excellent curb appeal.

Are You Looking for Roofing Maintenance?

Does your old roof look to wear and tear? Does it have suffered serious damage? Maybe you need to schedule a roofing replacement. 

You will receive help from Watkins Construction & Roofing with any roofing problem you may have through complimentary service calls. Also, we provide up to 50-year warranties. 

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