Answering Common Questions about WeatherLock Underlayment. Mississippi’s weather conditions demand to have as strong as possible roofing systems. The strong wind and heavy rain that hurricane season brings are good reasons for that. So, one of the best things homeowners can do is installing a roofing WeatherLock Underlayment & synthetic felt by Owens Corning. 

This is an extra protective layer against water damage. It is valuable in case of blown-off shingles, wind-driven rain, ad ice damming. Do these things sound familiar to you in Mississippi? We know they are.

Besides, with WeatherLock synthetic Underlayment, you will pay less for insurance premiums. This is also your last line of defense in case your roofing shingles do have a leak.

You may have some inquiries about what WeatherLock Underlayment can do for your home. Thus, we’ll offer you below the answers to some questions homeowners can have about it.

Answering Common Questions about WeatherLock

What Is Underlayment?

By covering your roof deck, roofing underlayment gives an additional layer of protection. In essence, it works as a protection to this wooden platform in case of heavy winds blowing off some of your shingles. This event is not rare in an area like Florida. 

Thus, if your roof lost shingles during a strong storm, you still can expect your roof not to get damaged thanks to the underlayment. This way, your home will be safe until the storm ends, and you can replace the lost shingles.

Moreover, the Florida Building Code requires the installation of roofing underlayment on every roof.

What Is WeatherLock Underlayment?

WeatherLock is a peel-and-stick mat you can install on your roof to protect your home from the water damage that strong storms can cause. This barrier is an additional shielding to the typical underlayment of eaves, rakes, valleys, and roof penetration points. 

Besides, you can apply WeatherLock to your whole roof.

Is WeatherLock Worth the Additional Cost?

Every Florida homeowner should install WeatherLock. It not only acts as an additional preserving element for your roof. As you will see, using it may bring you financial benefits.

Insurance providers in Florida must provide discounts to those homeowners who safeguard their houses from windstorm damage. Such discounts are called wind mitigation credits. 

To deserve this type of discount, a home must pass an inspection that includes eight safety features. One of these features is secondary water resistance. 

The credit is valid for five years and allows you to save hundreds of dollars on insurance premiums annually.

How is WeatherLock Installed?

Your roofing contractor can apply the self-adhered roofing underlayment between your deck and several roof assemblies. Among these assemblies are wood shakes, asphalt shingles, quarry slate, and metal roofing panels.

The installation time might vary depending on the size of your house. But, usually, it will require three to seven days.

The work comprises removing the old roof. Also, it includes the addition of an asphalt-based, self-healing surface in valleys and around any penetrations—such as chimneys. Later, your roofer will cover the main roofing surface with synthetic underlayment. Finally, he will install the new shingles on top.

Does WeatherLock (peel-and-stick) Protect Better than Regular Synthetic Underlayment?

WeatherLock bonds with your roof deck. Thus, it can protect better your roof against wind-driven rain and shingle blow-offs. This layer provides extra protection to your home when severe weather events occur.

If WeatherLock Adheres to My Roofing Deck, What Happens If I Need to Make a Repair?

Does your decking surface is damaged? Then, you have to repair or replace the decking wood in that area regardless of the underlayment application. With the WeatherLock mat extra protection, you can protect the decking around the damaged area.

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