Do Metal Roofs make Your House Hotter? Watkins Construction & Roofing helps put this question and a few other metal roof myths to rest for you. Are you looking to replacing your old asphalt shingles roof? Are you thinking of installing a new metal roof in your home? Many homeowners evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofs make themselves some typical questions. One of these questions is:

Will a metal roof make my house hotter?

Finding the right answers to questions like this is crucial to select the best roofing option for your home. So, below we’ll give you some clarity about this theme.

Usually, homeowners misunderstand the thermal properties of metals. They tend to think that metal roofs get hot during summer. But, the truth is opposite to this idea.

Metal roofs have a lower thermal mass when compared with other roofing materials. Indeed, they reflect heat and light while asphalt shingles absorb them. So, instead of increasing the heat inside your home during summer, they actually make it cooler. And this feature represents a critical additional benefit for your pocket:

Your home’s energy efficiency would improve with a metal roof.

Therefore, you do not have reasons to worry about a metal correctly installed roof making your home hotter.

Do Metal Roofs make Your House Hotter?

However, every material retains a different amount of heat. The heat that a metal roof can absorb will depend on several factors. These factors have to do with the construction of the roof itself and the covering material. The key is how materials absorb heat and how much quicker they release it into the environment. Let’s examine them in detail:

  • The Color of the Roof: colors in nature absorb more or less heat depending on the color’s tone. Dark colors will absorb more heat than light colors. This is a fact regardless of the constructive roofing material, be it metal asphalt shingles or stone tiles. So, metal panels are good at reflecting solar heat, and if they are light-colored, they’ll help make your home cooler.
  • Type of Finish: When metal receives continuous and direct exposition to the sun, it gets hotter. But, how much heat he retains will rely on the finish of the metal. We can find in the market many metal roofs’ coatings and finishes designed to reflect sunlight. They will make your roof keep cooler although it is getting the sun during a hot summer day.

In this sense, you can keep your home cool and reduce your energy consumption bills with the Long Roofing metal roofs. Its coating has an Energy Star-rated tri-Pigment Reflective Technology. This coating can reflect up to 70% of the sun’s solar energy.

  • Mass and Sun Exposure: When the sun goes down, the roof starts to cool until its temperature equals that of the air around it. This happens with every roofing material. Yet, those materials with more mass will take more time to release the heat.

So, one of the main metal roofs’ advantages comes from its lightweight. This feature allows it to lose heat faster than other roofing materials avoiding transferring the heat into your home.

How Can Metal Roofs Improve Energy Efficiency?

The energy efficiency of your metal roof depends on the skill of your roofer and the quality of the materials used. Besides, other elements can also influence metal roofing energy efficiency:

  • Reflective Surface: traditional roofing materials such as wood, asphalt shingles, concrete, and tiles absorb and transfer heat into your home. On the contrary, due to their lower thermal mass, metal roofs reflect heat and light. Then, if you apply to your metal roof a reflective coating, you’ll accelerate this process. Consequently, your home will remain significantly cooler than with other roofing materials.
  • Efficient Ventilation: Experts roofing contractors will surely install your metal roofing system with adequate ventilation. A good idea to allow air circulating out of the attic space is the combination of soffits and ridge vents. Proper ventilation will keep your home cool in the summer, prevent moisture during winter and mold formation.

Where to Find More Information about Metal Roofs

As you can see, metal roofs are the best alternative for homeowners looking to improve their homes’ energy efficiency.

Do you need more information about metal roofing? Reach out to the Watkins Construction & Roofing expert team. Our qualified metal roofers have vast experience inspecting, installing, and repairing a wide range of metal roofs.

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