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Does A Metal Roof Need Gutters? Metal roofs are growing in popularity in the US since some years ago. The growing preference for this roofing system has also brought some inquiries among homeowners. One of the most common questions that arise is:

Does my metal roof need gutters? Should I install them?

Below, we will provide you everything you need to know about gutter systems and metal roofs for your Jackson, MS home.

Does A Metal Roof Need Gutters

I Have a Metal Roof. Do I Need to Install Gutters?

The truth about this theme is that it is not mandatory to install them. Indeed, your metal roofs will work with or without it. They are water-resistant, unlike asphalt shingles roofs.

However, the consequences of no installing a rainwater evacuation system are critical. The point is that a metal roof without gutters will not protect your home appropriately against rain or snow.

Many times homeowners forget the existence of the gutter system as a crucial element for their homes. Usually, they go unnoticed before our eyes. But they have the task of directing the rainwater far from our house. Let’s see their importance through some examples:

  • When raining, the water will fall from the roof eaves directly all over the façade. So, over time, the humidity will penetrate the walls putting at risk your home structure. The sign of this damage will be the water stains on your walls.
  • When a house doesn’t have a proper system to channel the rainwater, it may affect a critical element: the foundations. So, rain falling on your building base for a long time will seep through the ground. Inevitably, it will reach the foundation weaken your home structure.
  • If your roofing system doesn’t include gutters that drain rainwater properly, it falls from the roof eaves on everything around the house. If you have a garden, it will stagnate, and the grass will not rise. Also, it can damage sidewalks.

Some Metal Roofs Have No Gutters. Why?

As you can see, gutters are a fundamental element in every roofing system. Yet, some homeowners prefer not to install them. Why this occurs?

Placing gutters in metal roofs brings some inconvenient:

  • Installing them is not an easy task. It requires a process different from traditional asphalt shingles. Thus, if their installation is deficient, harsh storms can tear the gutters right off, damaging the metal roof.
  • You have to perform regular maintenance tasks to keep them clean. If you don’t, leaves and debris can clog them, and rainwater swells, causing damage to walls and roof.

Yet, you can avoid these problems. You can seize the metal roofs benefits by hiring a professional roofing contractor experienced in metal roofs.

Some roofers recommend to homeowners not to install gutters. Sometimes, they try to avoid the work that installing gutters implies. They even may tell you that during storms, gutters can splash your roof face boards, leading them to rot over time.

Remind that replacing these boards is far simpler and cheap than replacing your home’s foundation.

Again, you will not have these kinds of worries if you trust your metal roofing project on professional and skilled hands. They will install the necessary gutters on your metal roof.

When Metal Roofs Need Gutters

Metal roofs can resist the harsh effects of weather elements even without gutters. However, we cannot say the same about your home structure. Don’t forget that gutters protect both your roof and other critical points of your house. So, without them, your home is at risk of water damage.

Also, consider how the weather in your living area is. If you live in a snowy and rainy region, you must place gutters on your roofs.

By avoiding placing gutters, you are leaving your home exposed to the rain and snow. Your house’s foundations will pay the consequence over time. In this sense, every responsible homeowner should install an appropriate gutter system through a professional roofer.

Types of Gutters for Metal Roofs

Regarding gutters for metal roofs, there are a few options to choose from in the market. Usually, roofers and homeowners prefer seamless gutters for metal roofs. But, no matter the type of metal roof, you should have in mind this pair of tips:

  • Install them as high as possible on your metal roof.
  • They should have a slope to ease drainage.

In all cases, talk with a professional roofer about what would be the best solution for you.

Are You Ready to Install Gutters for Your Metal Roof?

The best option to perform your metal roofing project is Watkins Construction & Roofing. Our metal roofing products have a Class 4 classification in impact resistance and a Class A fire rating. So, this means that they can resist the effects of unkind weather elements.

Besides, our team of expert metal roofers has vast experience installing gutter systems. This way, you will satisfactorily install both your metal roof and a gutter system. They will protect your home from water damage.

Call Watkins Construction & Roofing at 601-966-8233 or visit us online to for an estimate. Also, you can schedule a free in-home consultation anywhere in Ridgeland, Madison, Byram, or the greater Jackson, MS area. 

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