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How to Stop a Roof Leak from Watkins Construction & Roofing. Fortunately, within some weeks, we will be getting out of winter and going forward to warmer and sunny days.            

Usually, this scenario raises the chances of having roof leaks in our homes. Did you expect that your roof keeps you warm and safe during these days? If your roof leaks, your expectations will break. Besides, damage to your home and exposure to the weather are both possible consequences of this situation.

Leaky roofs are a frequent issue during colder weather. Therefore, learning why these leaks occur, how to fix them, and avoid them is essential.

How to Stop a Roof Leak

During the winter, your roof is at risk of leaking due to a variety of reasons. In this sense, ice dams are a common contributor. These icy formations grow on the roof edges and in the gutters. So, the melting snow and moisture cannot escape your roof because of them.

Having no place to leave your roof, the melting snow will find whatever crack or hole in your roof through it can flow.

During the colder months, cracks and holes use to appear in your roofing materials, becoming a major source of leakage. The intense weather conditions cause these issues.

How Winter Weather Conditions Can Cause Roof Leaks

As temperatures vary, your roof’s membrane will go through a freezing and thawing cycle. As it freezes, the membrane contracts, and as it thaws, the membrane expands. Over time, this process produces microscopic breaches in the membrane. As the cycle continues, the gaps on your roof will widen, increasing the likelihood of a leak.

Do weather and time have damaged your roof’s seams? If so, these gaps in the membrane will only become worse. When the temperature rises after a large blizzard, this may be disastrous. Snow soon begins to melt out, and where do you think, it is going to flow? Right, it will filter directly through these seams instead of getting away from your roof. So, it will put both your roof and you under a lot of stress.

Your roof is still leaking because you have not discovered the root cause. So, calling a professional roofer to examine and repair your roof is the best, safest, and easiest approach. He will find out what is causing the leak and how to stop it.

The contractor will be able to get the task done fast and properly. Besides, by hiring a reliable company, you will trust that the job was done well.

Does your roof have faulty seams, cracks, missing shingles, or other structural issues? They will also have the necessary supplies and tools to fix or replace your roof.

What can you do to prevent roof leaks?

Additional measures to calling and trusting a professional local roofing service will help you take care of your roof. Following, we will comment on a few things you can do to extend your roof’s life as much as possible:

  1. Clean your gutters: 

Clean your gutters to ensure that melting snow may run down your roof without obstruction. Usually, ice dams are the most frequent cause of roof leaks during the winter months, and the common reason for them is blocked gutters.

Hence, check your gutters twice a year or even more, if possible, for any problem. This simple and quick maintenance step is a great and low-cost way to avoid leaks.

  1. Inspect your roof:

Regularly, get inspected the outside and inside of your roof for water damage.

You will not only find causes of leaks from outside your house. Signs from inside your home are also relevant.

In this sense, look for water stains on the ceiling and internal walls of your house. Also, it is critical to check your roof deck condition in your attic. Rotten wooden will be a sure sign of a leak in your roof. Moreover, your roofing contractor must check your insulation and your attic ventilation.

From outside, look for worn-out or even missing shingles, cracks, moss, algae. Check the valleys, seals, flashing for any gap or crack that can allow water to enter your home. Anything that could seem out of the usual to your roofing system deserves your attention.

Now, You Know How to Deal with Roof Leaks

No one wants to be startled by a single drop of water when cuddled around the fireside, reading an excellent book, and sipping hot chocolate. If you don’t deal with the trickle right away, it might grow into a stream! Indeed, it may lead to a stressful and expensive headache.

Do not wait that your roof can withstand by itself the harsh weather elements during winter. You must give it a hand by scheduling a periodical roofing inspection. You already know that a reputable local contractor will offer you the best service.

Do not allow that this winter brings more work than you are enjoying another cup of hot cocoa. Call Watkins Construction & Roofing today at 601-966-8233.

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