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Is a Metal Roof Energy-Efficient? Both asphalt and metal roofs are excellent options to protect your home and family. However, when it comes to energy efficiency and durability, metal roofs outperform asphalt shingles and any other material.

Many Jackson Mississippi homeowners interested in the metal roofs’ advantages are doubly about this roofing option due to its high installing cost. But, they must know that they can recover this investment through time!

Metal roofs are the only type of roof able to make you save money instead of getting it out of your pocket. Why? The reason is the notable savings they can provide because of their energy efficiency regarding asphalt shingles.

Is a Metal Roof Energy-Efficient?

Currently, the best roofing choice to improve your home’s energy efficiency is metal panels. They will help to keep your house’s indoor temperature at comfortable levels regardless of the season. During winter, they provide excellent insulation. Besides, during summer, they’ll reflect the sunlight keeping your home cool. 

These properties mean a significant help for your HVAC system since there will be a lower demand for cooling and heating. Indeed, when the hottest days of the summer arrive; metal roofs can help to reduce your energy cost between 40-50 percent!

Meanwhile, asphalt shingles trap the sun heat and transfer it to your home’s interior. The result is an increase in your indoor temperature that may reach up to 25 degrees.

On the contrary, metal roofs reflect the sun rays and keep the heat outside your property during summer. The metal roofs’ surface on sunny days can be up to 100 degrees cooler than asphalt shingles roofing.

Installing a Metal Roof Is a Smart Investment

The direct and permanent exposition to weather elements and sunrays affect asphalt shingles. Over time, they get weaker, curl, and rip, so their capacity to protect your home from the weather decreases through time. 

Metal roofs can withstand weather effects during far long periods without requiring relevant maintenance.

The main reason why some homeowners don’t switch their old asphalt shingles roofs to metal roofing is the installation costs. This excellent roofing option is not easy to install correctly. This factor increases the initial investment in metal roofing. 

So, it requires experienced professionals to install one of these roofing systems. But, if you deliver a project like this to trusted and professional hands, you’ll obtain later the energy savings that will return your investment.

The savings you may reach will depend on your home size your needs for cooling and heating. However, you can see how your energy bills decrease, returning hundreds of dollars to your pockets each month. It will happen especially during humid and hot summer months.

What Is the Secret of Energy Efficiency?

The materials which metal roofs are made from are largely the reason for such impressive energy efficiency. Yet, they come with a variety of finishes that increase their reflection properties.

They can do an excellent job reflecting solar light without being painted. But, coated or pre-painted materials will help to cool your home even more. These coatings reflect a high percentage of sun radiation.

Are Metal Roofs Eco-Friendly?

Metal roofs are much more than energy efficient. Certainly, they provide a wide range of benefits. In this sense, they are perhaps the most sustainable and eco-friendly roofing material. Next, you’ll see the reasons why metal roofs are eco-friendly:

  • They Are Completely Recyclable: 

Metal roofs are completely recyclable and often manufactured with up to 90 percent of recycled material. Thanks to this key factor, they are an outstanding building material option to preserve the environment. Otherwise, every year the US landfills receive around 20 billion pounds of wastes and debris from asphalt shingles roofs.

  • Metal Roof Are Lightweight: 

Metal roofs are by far one of the lighter options for your home. Their weight is half of the one of a typical asphalt roof. The difference is in the hundreds of gallons of oil that usually an asphalt shingles roof contains. A lighter roof will put less stress on your home structure and foundations.

Besides, asphalt roofs require replacement every 12 to 20 years. So, you will have to spend on costly roofing replacements and generates. Also, remind that an asphalt shingles roofing replacement implies demolishing and handling big amounts of wastes and debris. With a properly installed and minimally maintained metal roof, you may forget about that during your whole life.

  • Metal Roofs Mean Lower Carbon Emissions:

Metal roofs are not only a perfect ally for your pocket but also for your HVAC system and the environment. They contribute to insulate and control your home interior temperature, so your HVAC system will consume less energy to cool or heat your home. When many homes in a neighborhood use metal roofs, the volume of dangerous substances released to the local environment is significantly lower. Among these substances are mercury, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide.

Say “Yes” to Energy Efficiency

Do you want to seize the extraordinary benefits that a metal roof can offer you? So, the Long Roofing metal roofs are the perfect option for you. Our Energy Star-rated Tri-Pigment Reflective metal roofing reflects more than 70% of solar energy. Moreover, it has a Class 4 distinction regarding impact resistance plus a Class A fire rating. Hence, our metal roofs will withstand a variety of damaging forces.

Call Watkins Construction & Roofing in Madison, Brandon, Byram, or the greater Jackson, MS areas at 601-966-8233. Also, you can schedule a free in-home consultation or get answers to your metal roofing questions.

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