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Metal Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Tips at Watkins Construction & Roofing. If you have a metal roof, then you can probably attest that you made a good choice in the material you used. Metal roofing is one of the best options if you are looking for a roof that will last a lifetime. It is not uncommon for a steel roof with an aluminum-zinc alloy coating to last upwards of 100 years! It is truly a wonderful thing to never have to worry about replacing your roof again.


A Metal Roof is Naturally Low-Maintenance – But Not NO-Maintenance

Metal is much easier to maintain than other comparable roofing materials. Metal roofs should never require refinishing if the substrate and coating are chosen properly. Nevertheless, low maintenance does not mean any maintenance. It does not matter what kind of roofing material you have, all roofs need a little TLC now and then. Take a look at some of our metal roof cleaning and maintenance tips and the benefits of regular metal roof maintenance:

Prevents potential problems from occurring in the future

However, metal is not completely damage-proof, despite its durability and ruggedness. Maintaining your roof regularly will enable you to spot any dents, scuffs, scratches, or corrosion that may need to be corrected.

Further prolongs the life of your roofing system

When installed properly, metal roofing substrates should last a lifetime. Yet there are issues that, if left unaddressed, can shorten the lifespan of your metal roof. Preventing premature roof failure by catching and repairing problem spots like those mentioned above.

Help keep your metal roof looking great

When it comes to protecting your home, you want your metal roof to provide dependable performance. However, you also want your roof to look nice. The appearance of dirtied or debris-covered roofs does not add to the look of your home; in fact, it can detract from it. To prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, or debris on your metal roof, it makes sense to give it a once-over periodically. With our metal roof cleaning and maintenance tips, you can keep your roof looking great.

Metal Roof Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

An appropriately-treated metal roof does not need to be refinished. But no matter what your roofing material is, dust and debris will accumulate over time no matter what. As a result, you will want to follow some basic surface cleaning and troubleshooting measures every season with our metal roof cleaning and maintenance tips:

Remove leaves & debris on the roof

In areas with a valley or a low slope, debris can still collect on a vertically-paneled metal roof as opposed to shingles. If this debris is allowed to remain, it will stain or scratch your protective metal finish.

Clear the gutters & drains

Regardless of the type of roof, gutters and drains should be cleaned every season. In the case of failing to do so, standing water can emerge, resulting in premature metal roofing corrosion or other structural issues.

Cut back overhanging limbs, & check for contact with other materials

If there are trees next to your home, make sure no limbs are directly touching or overhanging it. Your protective finish could be scratched or scuffed by these areas or they may break off and cause further roof damage. As well as avoiding direct contact with potentially problematic materials such as bricks, concrete, treated lumber, or certain metals, your metal roofing should also be free from bricks, treated lumber, or concrete. The galvanic corrosion process of your roof can be accelerated by the presence of these items.

Ensure the surface is free of dirt, dust, or stains

In terms of dirt & dust buildup, metal does better than other roofing materials. Despite this, some dirt, dust, or bird droppings can accumulate over time. Occasionally, you should give your roof a good scrubbing; do not use harsh detergents or super high-pressure washers on your protective metal coating. By using our metal roof cleaning and maintenance tips, your roof will continue looking new.

Check for surface damage to your panels or finish

After any significant storm, make sure to inspect your roof. Metal roofs are extremely durable, but they are not damage-proof. However, even though your metal is not painted, you can still scratch or scuff the protective coating. A touch-up coat of protective metal paint can be used to cover minor scratches.

Preventive Maintenance for Metal Roofs

Debris must be kept away from a roof to keep it clean. After you have cleaned everything, the next thing you will want to do is to pay attention to the panels, fasteners, flashing, and sealant.

 Keep your metal roof in good condition by providing it with our metal roof cleaning and maintenance tips every once in a while:

Check the panels & seams

Your metal panels are built to last for many years. As much as the panels, the seams are what determine the integrity of your roofing system. Be sure that none of your panels have become loose or dislodged, and that all of your seams are intact and undamaged. In addition, installers need to make sure to account for thermal expansion and contraction.

Check & tighten fasteners

If there are exposed fasteners on your metal roof, be sure that the fasteners, rivets, and screws are still in good condition and not loose, crooked, or missing. Make sure the gasket washers are in good condition, too. Every year, exposed fastener systems should be inspected to ensure no fasteners have backed out, giving moisture more opportunity to enter. The best solution, however, is to choose a standing seam metal roof without exposed fasteners!

Look for loose or damaged flashing

An issue with damaged, loose, or missing flashing is one of the most common causes of leaks on any roof. It is made of metal as well, but it is not designed the same way as your metal roof paneling, and it can start corroding, rusting, or eroding over time. You should also deal with any exposed underlayment or decking as soon as possible.

Check the areas around special roof features or penetration points

The flashing around penetration points, air vents, skylights, and solar panels may differ from the flashing on other roof features. The flashing surrounding the metal roofing should also be inspected, as well as any areas where drilling was required. A leak can develop in any of these areas if they are not well maintained.

Check & replace the sealant as needed

As a preventive maintenance measure, apart from checking for tight seams, make sure all your seals are in good shape. Any place where the sealant is cracked or missing should be touched up or replaced. Water, dirt, wind, and pests cannot enter your home if you do so conscientiously.

For Greater Peace of Mind, Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

You should perform a little self-maintenance on your roof regularly. However, what if you are not comfortable climbing a ladder or getting up on your roof? Even if you are comfortable performing roof maintenance yourself and following our metal roof cleaning and maintenance tips, you may miss something important that an expert would notice right away. And you might end up voiding the warranty on your metal roof inadvertently! Due to these reasons, it is usually best to hire a local professional to handle metal roofing maintenance. As well as inspecting your attic, fascia, soffit, and other aspects of your roof structure, a trained roofer will also know what to look for.

The Best Metal Roofing Strategy: Entrust Your Installation to the Pros at Watkins Construction & Roofing!

Unless you have specific training and experience in this area, it is not a good idea to take on a metal roof installation on your own. Putting on a metal roof is quite different from nailing shingles. Even some “professional” roofers are not qualified for the job. You can count on Watkins Construction & Roofing for quality residential and commercial roofing services for the Madison, Brandon, Byram, and Jackson areas. It is impossible to find a standing seam metal roof manufacturer who can take better care of you than Watkins Construction & Roofing.

Be sure to check it out for yourself and do not just take our word for it. Visit Guild Quality to see what hundreds of real, satisfied customers are saying about us! You can reach us by phone at 601-966-8232 in Madison, Byram, Brandon, and Jackson when you have completed these steps. Come see for yourself the difference Watkins Roofing & Construction makes!

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