Roof Repair Jackson MS

One of the biggest projects you can undertake for your Multi-Family building is a roof replacement. Sometimes regular roof maintenance just isn’t enough when your roof is old or has sustained major damage from wind or hail. When you need a professional roof replacement, look no further than local elite roofing contractor Watkins Construction to help you make sure your new roof is installed right! Servicing the Jackson, Brandon, Madison, and Ridgeland Mississippi areas, we offer a large selection of high-grade roof replacement materials from Owens Corning for your Jackson area Multi-Family building.


Roof Repair Jackson MS: Inspections

There can be many indicators that you may need a roof replacement. Some of the more common signs are: your roof is more than 30 years old, cracked shingles, shingles missing, warped shingles, and water or light coming through gaps. Watkins Construction and Roofing have trained roof inspectors who can spot these signs and damage that may be hidden and easily missed by a Multi-Family Building owner. These inspectors can help figure out whether the damage is significant enough for a full insurance claim and roof replacement, or if a repair is the better route for your needs.


Roof Repair Jackson MS: Shingle Problems

Even though shingles and other roofing components are the main consideration during a roof replacement, there are many other parts of your Multi-Family building that need to be inspected for problems. These include:

  • Seals around skylights that keep water from leaking in.
  • Vents need to be checked for screens that keep debris and bugs out.
  • Gutters and downspouts should be inspected for proper connections, clogs, and possible damage. These issues could make water run into basements or on the foundation.
  • Materials (such as flashing) that help control the flow of water need to be checked. They help keep water from seeping into your home’s walls which can potentially cause mold and/or structural damage.
  • Cleanliness is important to maintain your roof, so it needs to be inspected for algae.

Roof Repair Jackson MS: Quality Matters

Not only does the quality of your roof matter, but also the appearance. There are all kinds of recently available new roofing components. From contemporary asphalt-fiberglass shingles to shingles made from recycled material. There is a wide variety of shingle styles and colors available. So if you live in the Jackson, Mississippi area, including Brandon, Ridgeland, or Madison, let Watkins Construction and Roofing inspect your roof. American roofing company, Watkins Construction and roofing is your elite trusted local roofer in the Greater Jackson metro area.


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