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Not every leak in your house comes from your roof. Then, knowing the real source of a leak is important to prevent bigger damages. However, this is not always easy to do. In this sense, Watkins Construction & Roofing can help you determine the real cause of your roof leak.

Here, we will show you an illustrated list of frequent roof leak issues. Many Jackson Mississippi and surrounding area homeowners tend to think that every leak is a roof leak, but not all are. This list will serve as a starting point to identify roof leaks. If you go through this list and still can’t find the cause of your roof leak, we’ll be glad to help you find where the leak is coming from. 

Usual Leak Problems in Your House

Do you have a leak in your home? Almost 50% of roof leak calls are not associated with your roofing system leaking. Before calling a roofing contractor in Jackson or Madison, MS check this list first. Here are the most common leak issues that make homeowners think they have a roof leak. This way, you will save money and time.

Check your A/C overflow pan: When was the last time you checked your A/C system overflow pan? This overflow pan is under your A/C unit. Its purpose is to catch the excess humidity that your A/C unit spills or in case your overflow pipe backs up . This is one of the most frequent residential leak issues. If the pan is full, your A/C system may require maintenance. So, you should call an air conditioning technician. 

Look at gutters and downspouts: It is good to check regularly if these draining elements are not blocked. Leaves, branches, twigs, and many other similar things accumulated in them can obstruct the normal rainwater flow. We have even seen where children throwing balls on the roof get these caught in downspouts. These items will cause the water to get back up to the roof. Then, the water will seep under the shingles, and a leak will appear. 

The real reason for that leak is not your roof. So, frequently check gutters and downspouts, especially in the fall or if there are many trees around your home.

Check your chimney: Your chimney ages just like the rest of your home. Your fireplace may have cracks in aged mortar or bricks without you knowing. For untrained eyes, these cracks are hard to detect. Many times, cracks are at the top of the chimney, so they are hard to see from the ground.

We advise you to avoid the dangerous task of going up to your roof to check your chimney. This can mean falls and injuries for you. Therefore, it is worth paying a roofing contractor to have a professional inspection safely performed. 

Your chimney cap may have cracks: Often, chimney caps crack, leading to leaks. However, it is difficult to detect them. Therefore, it is better to replace them periodically. Include in your property’s routine of maintenance the inspection and replacement of your chimney cap.

• Inspecting this item, yourself also may be dangerous. You should use a professional roofer for this task.

Check the stucco: Stucco will also crack over time. Cracks may appear in walls and chimneys, and with them, the leaks come. You should evaluate those parts of your house that have stucco. If you find a leak near one of these areas, you should seek the help of a professional to make the repairs.

Look for cracks or signs of wear in your brick walls: Weather will wear away your brick walls. Mortar and bricks tend to crack and separate from the foundation. Of course, this opens pathways where water can enter your home.

Check your skylights: Your skylights let beautiful light into your home. Nevertheless, they can also let in water. If your skylights are old, they may be leaking from the frame and glass. We recommend that you replace leaking skylights with new ones and do not repair them. So, this will take away the problem of leaking skylights for a long time.

Hot Water heater overflow pan: Just like the A/C overflow pan your hot water heater has a protective pan as well. You should always keep an eye on your overflow pans, however, if your hot water heaters are 5-years old or more, you should check this once a month to try and catch a leak before it gets worse. 

These are the most common roof leak problems unrelated to your roof. By reviewing this list, you’ll have a better idea of where to start checking the next time you find a leak. Now, if you have discarded all the items on the list and haven’t found the problem, Watkins Construction & Roofing will be pleased to help you.

You can schedule a visit of one of our roof technicians to evaluate your roof and find that pesky leak. Call us anytime at 601-966-8233 and have a roofing expert from Watkins Construction & Roofing help you. 

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