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Roof Repair and Maintenance at Watkins Construction and Roofing. There is always a chance of your roof getting damaged by wind, hail, or other extreme weather conditions, no matter whether you have an older roof or newer roofing system on your home, commercial property, or business. Some of the important roofing services like leakage solving are, known to benefit the entire place.


Professional and Trustworthy Roof Contractor 

Since the roof is a very important part of the house, so it’s important to hire a professional and trustworthy roof contractor for roof repair. Experienced roofers have been working for so many years. They have worked in different areas under different circumstances, so it will be easier for them to find the roof leaks and repair them effectively.

They will ensure that your roof remains the same for a long time and does not cause any trouble. 

Common Causes behind Roof Leaks

For homeowners or roof contractors, finding the reason behind a leaking is more challenging than dealing with it since water can flow and make its way through almost everything, so it’s difficult to identify the cause of the leak.

So there is the compiled list of common causes behind roof leaks:

Roof Holes

Roof holes are the most common cause of leaks. The common cause behind the roof hole could be bad weather, stray animals such as cats. If a leak occurs during rain, it might have roof holes.

Faulty Skylight or Window

The flat windows on your roof, also called skylights, bring great benefits like sunlight and ventilation but also a very common cause of leaking roofs if they are broken or faulty. 

Clogged Drainage System

Water being the stealthiest rival, it’s always eager to seep through any place of your home. Clogged drainage is a common cause of roof leaks. The plumbing system can also be disturbed due to a clogged drainage system. Moreover, broken toilets, sinks, taps, and kitchen sink also cause a roof leak.

Detection of the roof leak

You can detect a roof leak by yourself well before it becomes a big problem and quickly fixed. 

Detected Sign of Roof Leak

  • Watermarks or stains on your ceiling and walls are considered the most common sign of roof leak. You can easily detect them during routine cleaning and during the process. 
  • Another sign is through smell. Rots and molds occur due to a leaking roof. Therefore if there rotting odor in your attic or other places near the roof, it may be due to a roof leak.

  Less Obvious Signs

  • It’s important to examine your roof after some time, whether there are some missing or loose shingles. Shingles prevent the water from getting underneath, and a damaged shingle can be a leading cause of roof leaks.

Fixation of Roof Leaks

Simple leaks can get repaired by yourself. It just requires some tools and minor skills, but many leaks require professional help.

Simple Fixes

  • The most common and easiest issue to deal with is vent leak. Cracked plastic vets and damaged rubber boots are the most common causes and can be fixed by simply replacing them.
  • Be careful when removing the shingles during your repair, especially if no replacement is available.
  • Missing nails should be replaced by rubber-washers screws, usually used in a metal roofing system.

Bringing In Professional Help

Hiring professional roof repair contractors is the best decision as they are equipped with the right tools, instruments, skills and can repair the damage in less time and cost.

There are a few reasons why hiring professionals is important:

1: Master Roofers 

They have experience of many years working, which means there is nothing they have not seen yet. They are obedient to serve you with excellence, quickly finishing at work and improving the safety of the roofs.

2: Safety 

More professional they are, the fewer chances for them to cause an accident. They use special tools and equipment to keep themselves and others safe. 

3: Competency

They use special tools and technology to detect a problem and repair your roof. They can easily detect any problem with the room and can repair it quickly.

4: Warranty Offered

Roof contractors offer a lifetime workmanship warranty. Not only can you get the best work but also peace of mind.

5: Cost-Efficient

It may seem expensive to hire a professional roof repair contractor, but it will save your money in the long run. They save money by buying roofing material at a much lower cost, and also they have special roofing materials and tools to use in various situations. 

Repair Vs. New Roofing

Sometimes replacing some shingles is enough. If any underlayment or decking is not damaged, then there is no need to replace the entire roof; however, a good inspection is required to maintain the roof.

However, various signs, including water damage, weather disaster, poor material, long age, are the primary reasons to replace your roof.

For more information, Call Watkins Construction & Roofing at 601-966-8233 in Jackson and Ridgeland, MS.

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