Roofing Insurance Claims and Mortgage Check Process

Was your Jackson, MS roof damaged during a storm? Don’t you know how to file a claim with your insurance provider? Filing roofing insurance claims and obtaining a mortgage check is an intricate procedure. The last thing you need is to waste your precious time in conducting a process like this.

In this sense, at Watkins Construction & Roofing we’re always working to solve any kind of roofing problem to our clients. Even those issues related to handling insurance claims. For your peace of mind, we take care of these processes working directly with the insurance company. We make sure your claim runs easily and that you get the entire compensation you deserve.

However, although we handle this for you, it is important that you know the process.

Working with Your Insurance Provider

Maybe you have heard scary stories about how long and tedious can become dealing with insurance companies. Indeed, these procedures cause fear among homeowners because can take months.

But you do not have to live this awful experience. You can have your roofs repaired and get paid fast. You only have to put into practice some useful tips. Besides, if you receive the support of a professional roofing contractor from Jackson or nearby cities like Byram or Ridgeland, you’ll see your case solved efficiently.

insurance Claims and Mortgage Check Process

How to File a Roofing Insurance Claim 

  1. Contact Watkins Construction & Roofing to schedule an inspection the same day the damage occurs. It is necessary to know precisely the magnitude of the damage.
  2. In case we find damage, we’ll give you the information you require to file the claim with your insurance company. 
  3. To avoid further damage, your insurance provider should authorize preliminary repairs. In this stage, we’ll deliver the receipts the insurer will need.
  4. You will receive the visit of an adjuster from your insurer. This person will perform an inspection for damage. Then, he must do the paperwork to detail the repairs. We’ll explain you this process better below.
  5. When Watkins Construction & Roofing obtain this paperwork, we can start repairing your roof.  We can perform all type of roofing repairs you may need since we’re a top-notch roofing company and are fully licensed.
  6. Once the repairing is complete, we’ll take care of filling the necessary paperwork for the insurance company. This company will use this information to release a final check for you.
  7. When you receive your payment, we will send you through email all the information related to your warranty and your receipt. Do you need to handle more paperwork? Then, just call us! We’ll always be willing to help you.

I’ll have a meeting with the adjuster. What I should do?

Previously, we showed you a global overview of the roofing claims process. But, when you receive the insurance company’s adjuster visit, you’ll have to talk about the repairs needed in-depth.

Homeowners tend to talk first about the evident damages they found in their roofs. Examples of these damages are dents in your A/C unit and missing shingles. Usually, insurers cover damages like these.

Likewise, other damages require emergency repairs such as leaking ceilings and water filtrations in your roof. Events such as tornados, hailstorms, or any other natural disaster can cause damages like these.

No matter the magnitude of the damage, remember that you always must take photos and document the damage as much as possible. And you must do it right after the storm.

After talking with Watkins Construction & Roofing about your emergency roof repairs, contact your insurer to place a claim. This company should offer customer service available 24/7. Then, you can contact them at any moment. If don’t, you should place it on the company’s website.

 When you file a claim, you must keep in mind the following:

  1. The insurance provider will call you to schedule when the adjuster will visit you.
  2. Contact Watkins Construction & Roofing and tell us when you’ll meet with the adjuster at your home.
  3. Do not forget that the adjuster represents the insurance company’s interest. On the other hand, Watkins Construction & Roofing represent yours.
  4. We’ll be with you when the adjuster goes to inspect your home. We’ll help you to have correctly documented your roof damages and that the insurer covers them.

Note: The previous tips are general guidelines. Remember that each insurance company has its own procedure.

The Payment and Mortgage Check Endorsement Process

Did you file the claim? Did you meet with the adjuster?

Now, the insurance company will send you some checks to cover your roof damage.  Possibly, a mortgage check endorsement could be necessary during the claim process. This mortgage check doesn’t have to be a problem. You could receive a pair of checks while the process takes place. 

Next, you will see what you need to know about these checks:

Describing the Claims Process for Checks

The Watkins Construction & Roofing team will handle everything related to your insurance claim. However, the procedure thorough you will receive these checks usually doesn’t change. 

The adjuster will visit your home for roofing inspection within 48 hours after you place the claim. Then, he may offer you a check as an advance on the total claim amount. The insurance company rep even may offer you what is commonly called “insurance scope of loss.” Don’t worry, it may not be the last payment you receive.

If your insurer offers you a check through the adjuster, you may accept it. This is what is called an on-the-spot settlement. In case Watkins Construction & Roofing finds more damages in your roofing system, you only have to request the insurer to cover the additional costs. Remember that there is a lapse to report damages. Generally, this time is equal to one year, but it may change from state to state.

Besides, do not forget that there will be different checks for each type of claim. There may be claims for roof damage, destroyed personal goods, and interior damage.

Structure Claims Checks with Mortgages

The insurance provider will make checks out to you and your mortgage company if you have a mortgage on your home. You and your lender must make a mortgage check endorsement during this process. The reason is that mortgage providers require that you have hazard insurance listed in the policy.

Frequently, misunderstandings arise at this point. Indeed, your lender has as right as you have to the insurance claims check. 

When you endorse the check your roofing company will receive the payment. You can check our Mortgage Check Process Guide if you want to know more. This guide will walk you through this procedure with most lenders.

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