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Watkins Construction and roofing is providing you with steps for choosing the best roofing contractor. Cutting corners when looking for a roofing contractor is not acceptable, so why should you do it when choosing a roofer? When you need a new roof or any roof repairs, paying attention to a roofing company’s credentials, reputation, and methods can save you thousands of dollars and provide you with peace of mind. If you’re looking for a new roofing contractor, here are ten things you should ask.

Steps for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

1. Is the company properly licensed for the job?

The Mississippi Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires that a roofing contractor be licensed by an occupational license for the city or county in which they do business and licensed by the state as a roofing contractor. The compliance with FDBPR and the proper licensing indicate that the employee is competent and committed to the job.

2. Does the company carry liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance?

Many Mississippi businesses do not require workers’ compensation insurance, which pays medical expenses and lost wages for injured workers. The roofer may violate the law if they do not carry this type of coverage, which will make you, the homeowner, responsible for any injuries that occur on the property. Employing a properly insured contractor will help you avoid needless legal fees and hassles.

3. Are there more than three testimonials or references that you can check?

You should put your trust where it is due since roof installation and repair involve a significant investment in both time and money. Look at reviews posted by customers online. A company’s reputation can be influenced by the behavior of employees, their punctuality, whether they show up consistently or disappear for extended periods, the quality of the work done, and the condition in which the roof has been left after they have completed the project.

4. Do their employees wear uniforms?

This question appears to be a bit silly on the surface. The number of home invasions is increasing, however, and knowing your visitor will be in a uniform and easily identifiable provides you with peace of mind.

5. Does the company have a physical location?

Roofers who work out of a truck, without an office or a fixed location, can disappear almost as easily as roofers who own a house. Should you encounter any problems during a job, you wouldn’t be able to find them by calling an office or by going to a place to find them.

6. Does the company offer a guarantee and are they likely to still be in business when the guarantee expires?

The roofing product should be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime workmanship warranty from any reputable roofing contractor. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, you must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installing the roof for it to be covered by that warranty. A roofer cutting corners will invalidate your warranty.

Consider the fact that most new businesses fail within their first 10 years before offering a 20-year warranty. You should employ a seasoned, experienced company for the work if at all possible.

7. Does the company undergo regular safety training?

There are unique risks associated with the roofing business. Make sure a roofing company holds regular training meetings with all its employees before hiring them to reduce your liability risk.

8. At what point during the process is the company requesting payment?

Even if they claim it is for materials or labour, much cash upfront is a red flag for a roofing contractor or handyman. If the work is not completed or the material is not delivered until after the work is completed, then an established company will be able to carry the cost of materials. When working on larger jobs, expect to create a draw schedule, in which you make payments as specific milestones are reached.

9. Will the company be doing all of the work or subcontracting the work out?

It is important to find out who will be on your property and working on your house if the company you hire cannot provide all the staff needed to complete the job. To ensure that your project runs smoothly, you need to obtain each subcontractor’s insurance information. Paying subcontractors should also be a priority. A company that does not pay a subcontractor may be liable and the subcontractor may attach a mechanic’s lien to your property. If you work with a reputable company capable of staffing the project completely, you will avoid the headache entirely.

10. Does the company offer a written proposal, including the cost of the work?

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous roofers out there who initially provide reasonable quotes and then raise the price once the work has started, leaving you to pay the new price because your roof is partially completed, leaving you with no other choice than to have it properly completed.

Trust is crucial when it comes to business, so make sure you’re working with the right people. Choose a company whose technicians are held to a high level of quality and safety to avoid voiding warranties, unforeseen expenses, injuries, and legal disputes. Contact your Owens Corning Platinum Preferred roofing contractor, Watkins Construction & Roofing at 601-966-8233 in Madison, MS, Byram, MS, Ridgeland, MS, and Jackson, MS.

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