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The Bullet Boot-No Leak Pipe Jack Flashing has many features that make it Watkins Construction & Roofing’s #1 pipe boot flashing choice. It is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible alternative to old-style toxic lead pipe boot flashings.

The Bullet Boot-No Leak Pipe Jack Flashing


The Bullet Boot provides a fast installation and there is no painting needed. At Watkins Construction and Roofing when we install a lifetime roof, we believe you should get a lifetime pipe jack flashing as well. Most roofers use a cheap neoprene three in one pipe boot flashing.

old plastic pipe boot

They will use spray paint to make the boot blend in with roof shingle of your choice. Often times the paint will fade & flake off. That’s not the case with the Bullet Boot. There is no painting needed as it comes in white, gray, brown, weatherwood, & black. It is 100% UV protected with a flexible TPO construction.

Made in the USA, this product is very affordable and comes with a 35-year manufacturer warranty. The Bullet Boot covers the pipe inside and out. It also has a built-in pest screen that is removable if you ever need to ream out the line when a blockage occurs.

how a pipe boot really looks

Fitting: Remove interfering shingle nails around the perimeter of the roof opening. Depending on the application, apply a bead of shingle adhesive along the bottom of the flange, and slide the top end of the boot up and under the shingle. Allow the bottom vent flange to lie on top of the shingles or cut shingle to fit.

Mounting: Care should be taken in keeping the bullet boot properly aligned. Nail the new bullet boot in place using 1-1/4” coated or stainless roofing nails spaced 6” to 8” on center, or at least 3 per side, maximum of 1” from the outer edge of the flange, and 1-1/2” from each corner. Roofing sealant should be applied to all shingle edges and nail heads to prevent water infiltration. In severe weather coastal hurricane zones, it is recommended to caulk around the entire perimeter, under the vent flanges, and near the outer edges. THESE BOOTS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR METAL ROOF INSTALLATIONS


At Watkins Construction and Roofing we believe that if we install you a lifetime roof you should also have lifetime roof hardware like the bullet boot. At Watkins Construction we believe in giving our clients the absolute best roofing products on the market.

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