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What is roof underlayment from Watkins Construction & Roofing. A roof does not only consist of shingles. Shingle is just the outer appearance of the top. The roof consists of many layers, and one of the solid layers that keep the roof intact is underlayment. It’s not visible from the outside but plays a significant role in protecting the house.

As we are aware of the cost of roof replacement and repair, nobody can change it again and again due to the problems that occur with the roof. It’s essential to contact professional roofers for the construction or replacement of the top. Material quality and construction methods affect the condition and durability of the roof.


The anatomy of the roof

If you are aware of the construction of the roofs, you would know about the layers of the top. Generally, the roof consists of the following parts such as:

·       Rafters

·       Sheathing or deck

·       Underlayment

·       Shingles

Each part of the roof plays its role in protecting the roof and keeps it still for a long time. The rafters and decks provide support. On the other hand, shingles and underlayments preserve the top.

What is roof underlayment?

Underlayment is the inside layer of the roof and is installed under the shingles. It is an additional waterproof layer between your shingles and roof deck. When all the protective coatings, including shingles, fail, it’s the only layer protecting us from the invaders.

Types of roof underlayment

From the above discussion, you will be aware of the importance of underlayment, and there are three options available in the market such as:

Asphalt-saturated felt

Non-bitumen synthetic

Rubberized asphalt

Is roof underlayment necessary?

Due to its sturdy material, there are more chances for the roof underlayment to fail. Most roof problems are linked with underlayment. Following are the reasons behind the failure of underlayment of roofs:

Poor quality material

No matter how you install the roof of your house, if the material quality is not good, it’s not going to survive for a long time since underlayment is responsible for the protection against water. Hence, it’s necessary to use good quality material for the roof.

Bad insulation

Even if you use the best quality material, bad insulation techniques cause the failure of the roof underlayment, which is why you need professional help to install the underlayment if your contractor does not know the installation of the underlayment and can leave pockets in the roof that can allow the moisture and damage your roof.

Too much exposure

If your roof is old or damaged due to storms and winds, you need to get a professional roofing inspection. Maybe there is some exposed underlayment that can be a source of leakage in the future.

How to choose the best roof underlayment 

Roof underlayment is available in different materials according to the roof’s material and the choice of the customers. There is the following roofing material available in the market, including metal roof, shingles, shake.

Choice of the underlayment depends upon the weather condition of the area and the material of the roof. For instance, felt paper underlayment is the best for metal roofs because metal allows heat transfer and does not have permeability, so the underlayment must be waterproof to provide additional protection to the roof. Similarly, the other two types of underlayment required different material surfaces to work and construct properly.

Contact Watkins Roofing Company.

Your roof protects you from the outside environment and keeps you cozy and warm during the winter. The top is the essential part of the house, and the roof’s quality cannot be compromised at any rate. Don’t trust any local roofing contractor for the assignment, as replacement and reinstallation of the roof is an expensive process and cannot be done repeatedly after short intervals of time. You must make sure that you are hiring a professional team to construct the roof.

At Watkins, we offer different roofing services according to the customers’ needs. We will guide you about the underlayment choice and for your house. We always use the best quality material for the construction, and our workers are highly professional to provide you with the best service.

Contact Watkins Construction & Roofing in Jackson, Brandon, Ridgeland, MS, and Fairhope, AL if you have any questions or confusion at 601-800-5156.

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