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Your roof plays a major role in your home curb appeal. And nobody wants to own the ugly house in the neighborhood! Therefore, a dirty roof not only will ruin your home’s exterior appearance. Also, it will damage your roofing system. 

That’s why it’s important to keep your roof clean.

More than Dirt

Some natural elements are the reason for those dark stains and green zones some roofs show. 

  • Algae: According to Angie’s List, the alga is a bacterium that feeds off from both asphalt and limestone roofing. They grow in humid and shaded areas of the roof. 

These areas are more likely to have these algae, which can harbor various types of molds. So, this explains why some roofs are stained only on one side.

A report by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association (ARMA) notes that wind or animals usually transport these algae spores. Therefore, they can easily spread from rooftop to rooftop in neighborhoods.

  • Lichens: In essence, they are a combination of algae and fungus. These organisms form a branching growth and are tough to remove from the roof. Besides, they can reappear thanks to humidity and rain.


  • Moss: Moss is a plant with a shallow root system and requires a lot of moisture to survive. Overhanging tree branches give more shade. Moreover, debris drops from these branches serving as food for moss. Also, moss spores can easily spread throughout neighborhoods.
Why it’s Important to Keep Your Roof Clean

How Can Stains Damage a Roof?

Algae, fungus, and moss deteriorate shingles and cause wood rot. Both are reasons for costly repairs and can shorten the lifespan of any roofing system. Thus, an effective roof clean will prevent this damage. 

  • Shingle Damage

Algae are organisms that eat away at your roof shingles. 

Additionally, roofs with algae stains absorb heat, according to ARMA. So, a roof in this condition generates a lot of heat in the attic. This heat reduces the shingles’ lifespan by baking the shingles from the inside out.

On the other hand, moss causes the shingles’ edges to curl and lift. Frequently, this is the first sign that a roof needs a replacement. Besides, moss holds in moisture that can freeze during winter, causing even more shingle damage.

  • Wood Rot:

Moss growth on your roof is easy to spot. But wood rot is not always evident. Moss can hold in moisture and divert water. This issue makes your roof deck prone to wood rot and leaks. 

In this respect, Yanni Avramidis, vice president of production for Watkins Construction & Roofing, says, “You may have a leak, and you don’t even know it. This will cause even more wood damage.”

Besides shorting your roof life, wood rot generates mold growth, which can be hazardous for your family and pets. Also, critters can cause more damage when the wood begins to rot.

  • Professional Cleaning

Your roof is a significant investment. So, you can increase your return over this investment by performing effective roofing cleaning. Of course, you’ll also maintain the beautiful appearance of your home. 

That is why it is a wise decision to let your roof cleaning to professional.

Angie’s List advises hiring contractors that employ cleaning practices such as those ARMA and the Roof Cleaning Institute of America recommends. For example, it is important to use specific equipment that does not harm the shingles and biodegradable cleaning solutions. 

Preventing Future Growth

Take the following measures recommended by ARMA to prevent moss and algae regrowth sooner:

  • Trimming tree branches
  • Clearing off accumulating debris on your roof
  • Biodegradable chemical cleaners can ward off growth indefinitely if reapplied every 18 to 36 months.
  • Ensuring your roof had proper airflow to avoid driving debris under shingle edges
  • Cleaning your gutters regularly

When Cleaning Is Not Enough

Have fungus, algae, or moss already caused significant damage to your roof? Then, roof cleaning won’t be enough.

Call Watkins Construction & Roofing at 601-966-8233 or visit us online if you are in this situation.

A licensed professional will come to your home for a free, no-obligation assessment to replace your old roof with a beautiful new roof with a 50-year warranty.

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