Metal Roofing System

There is no such thing as a minor roof leak. They can cause significant damage to your home and your furnishing and cost you loads of money in repairs. You can protect your home and business with a Mississippi roofing metal roofing system. With a contemporary metal roof coating system from Watkins Construction, you will have an inexpensive and efficient way to repair or modify your old metal roof.

Mississippi Roofing Metal Roofing System: A High Performance Roof

The Conklin MR complete waterproofing system prevents roof leaks and rusting, is energy efficient, attractive and aesthetically pleasing, and will make your flat or low-slope roof last longer. These systems prevent additional leaks and the wear of hail and wind. The Watkins Construction and Roofing system has a reflective surface that uses energy efficiently, lowering cost and your energy bill. This system’s E rating and resilience make this perfect for your home or business roof, and the name Watkins is a name you can trust that adds more value.

Mississippi Roofing Metal Roofing System: Restore Your Old Roof

Watkins also offers a Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System to waterproof metal roofs, using a seamless tough acrylic coating embedded inside. With this lightweight roofing product, tough skin, your roof resists cracks, splitting and rupturing that can cause roof leaks and interior damage. This system strengthens your roof’s vulnerable points, applies smoothly and lowers the temperature of a building during hot summer months.

Hail-Resistant, Energy-Efficient Roof Tops

Along with protecting roofs from additional damage, a Mississippi roofing metal roofing system reduce future roof repair costs and lower your electricity bill. Being energy-efficient and hail-resistant, this system fits local “cool roof” regulations. These statutes are found in the building codes of places like Jackson, Madison and Byram and can result in energy rebates from utility companies.

Don’t Replace Your Roof, Restore It

Should you find yourself in need of roof repair specifically for low-slope or flat metal roofs, then Fabric-Reinforced or Conklin’s MR roofing system is ideal. These options provide quality insulation, along with adequate restoration that is primed to withstand time and the elements in Mississippi. At Watkins Construction, we are a certified installer of this quality roof coating systems. Watkins’ team of professionals has extensive training and certification from Conklin Company Inc. that is required to correctly install their roofing coating with the warranty intact. At Watkins Construction, we have what it takes to assist our clients from Jackson to Brandon by providing them with efficient roofing systems and repairs.

Reach out to Watkins Construction and find out more about the benefits of Conklin roof coating and the other methods that we can employ to help protect your home and property from further roof damage.


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