While it’s never been referred to as the most livable city in Mississippi, Watkins Construction service area Madison, MS has certainly found itself far up on the list. Perhaps this is because of beautiful places like Strawberry Patch Park, or maybe it’s the great area schools. Then again, maybe it’s thanks to local businesses like Watkins Construction, which provide the service everyone deserves. Regardless, Madison has plenty to be proud of.

Watkins Construction Service Area Madison: History of Madison

Few towns of its size have a storied history, but Madison really never fit into a typical mold. It began as little more than a stop along a railroad track, but it would eventually cause a nearby town to become defunct as residents pulled up stakes and moved near Madison Station.

The Civil War would cause serious damage to Madison, but when land started selling for around $3 an acre, the population steadily recovered. In fact, the population increased from 540 in 1950 to nearly 26,000 currently.

With such an increase, local roofers and other contractors have been working overtime. Maybe that’s why the area’s unemployment rate is around three points lower than all of Mississippi’s.

Watkins Construction Service Area Madison: Things To Do

Madison might not seem large when compared to cities like Biloxi and Tupelo, but you couldn’t tell it by the number of attractions in the area. Just about every citizen has made it to the Downtown Farmers Market at least once, and those who haven’t should definitely make a point of doing so.

Everyone from children to seniors can also enjoy themselves at the Center for the Arts. You can even take dance, painting and guitar lessons there! If you need a roofing contractor, though, you’re better off contacting nearby Watkins Construction. And while there’s no journalism classes, maybe you could go try your luck at writing for the Madison County Journal.

Watkins Construction Service Area Madison: Your Neighbors

If there’s one thing that Madison stands for, it’s community. Rarely is a city with over 25,000 residents close-knit, but Madison manages to pull it off. Whether it’s spending time with friends at the annual Easter egg hunt or meeting someone completely new when catching a flight out of Bruce Campbell Air Field, it’s hard to feel unwelcome here.

Of course, you can’t forget the local businesses that do as much to keep the city running as the city does for them. Grab a bite to eat over at Mama Hamil’s Southern Cookin’ before catching a softball game at Liberty Park. And when you’re looking for anything from landscapers to roofers, make sure to search local and keep Madison the vibrant community it is.

At Watkins Construction, we care about our community and we aim to consistently prove it. An elite American roofing company right here in Madison Mississippi.


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