These 6 simple and effective tips for metal roofs will show why metal roofing is a great investment that can deliver a range of benefits throughout its lifespan. However, you need to think about its maintenance to achieve long-lasting performance. A good thing is that metal roofs are virtually maintenance-free. This means that maintaining your metal roof is not that tedious and time-consuming. Compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, maintaining a metal roof is remarkably easy. That said, you need to be extra careful if you’ve decided to maintain your roof yourself.

Safety Tips for Inspecting Your Metal Roof

If you think that using a ladder and stairs is not your cup of tea, never attempt to inspect your metal roof yourself. People with vertigo issues should not try such tasks at any cost. Hiring a skilled roofing professional to inspect your roof is a much better and safer option.

Even if you have no problem getting atop your metal roof, make sure to keep in mind all the safety guidelines.


6 Simple and Effective Tips for Metal Roofs

  • Use fall protection approved by OSHA
  • Wear shoes with soft soles. You will not want to leave footprints on the metal roof by wearing black soled shoes.
  • Always walk on the flat surface. Avoid walking on the gutters, skylights, rake flashings, and fiberglass panels to prevent slips.

Listed below are some handy tips that you need to follow to ensure your metal roof lasts for a long time:

  1. Make sure to Clean the Roof Gutters Thoroughly – You have to clean the roof gutters from time to time- with proper care. Based on your location and nearby areas, the gutters, including drain boxes and downspouts, may get clogged with dirt, dry leaves, twigs, and branches. If not addressed in time, the standing water can damage your home’s foundation, roof, and siding in the long run. Try to clean the gutters at least every six months.
  2. Trim Unwanted Tree Branches– Always ensure the tree branches stay far from your roof. Otherwise, during storms, heavy branches can scratch or damage your metal roof.
  3. Look Out For Cracks and Penetrations– Metal roofs are known for their long lifespan but that does not mean they are immune to damages. Over the years, continued exposure to weather elements can weaken their durability. So, you must check your roof periodically for cracks, dents, seams, and penetrations.

Minor cracks can sometimes be hard to detect. Metal roof leaks may not be common but you still have to check the areas around your skylights and air vents. In case, you discover any cracks, use a suitable metal roofing sealant. Contact experienced roofing contractors like Watkins Construction & Roofing to rule out the possibility of any underlying issues.

  1. Check For Corrosion- Today’s metal roofs are nearly impossible to corrode or break. However, you must check the rust-prone places such as the area around the air vents and chimney for any traces of corrosion.
  2. Inspect For Water Ponding– If there are any uneven or flat areas on your roof surface, water may accumulate at these places. This paves the way for debris accumulation and mold formation as well. So, ensure that the surface is clean and things like sticks, leaves, and braches do not collect on your roof.
  3. Look For Damaged and Loose Parts– Some of the metal roofing parts that may get loose or damage over time are loose flashings, fasteners, roof sheets, closures, and ridge caps, among others. If you are clueless about what to look out for, get in touch with trusted roofing professionals at Watkins Construction & Roofing to help you detect and fix such issues.

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