How Much Does It Cost to Put New Siding on Your House?

How much does it cost to put new siding on your house? You’re having a great time with your family on your outdoor deck — until someone throws the ball too far and it smacks against the window. Sure, it doesn’t break, but it’s still annoying.

That neighbor kid doing it again. Or perhaps another bird decided to build its nest too close to your window making a mess of things? Whatever it is, you need protection from the elements or pests around your house. 

That’s where your siding comes in. Like a shining knight, siding is your home’s armor against hot summers, cold winters, hailstorms in the spring, and airborne acorns in the fall. Not to mention, mold, mildew, dents, rust, termites, and carpenter ants—the list goes on and on. 

With all these possible threats to your home, anything less than the absolute best protection could cost you thousands of dollars down the road. However, getting new siding for your house is a big decision as is any home improvement project. And there are so many options from which to choose!

How Much Does It Cost to Put New Siding on Your House?

You want to get it right the first time around, but how? How much will it cost? What materials should I use? How long will the job take? Which contractor do I trust? Oh no!

After all these questions and more, we thought we’d help make things easier with our simple guide on how much it costs to put new siding on your house.

Five factors that affect how much siding replacement costs

When considering siding for your home, there are several factors that can affect the cost. Here are a few: 

1. Materials 

The type of siding material you choose is the biggest determinant of the overall cost. There are quite a few siding materials out there, including vinyl, wood, fiber cement, stucco, engineered wood, synthetic stone, and aluminum.

Trying to figure out what siding material makes the most sense for your house can be hard – especially if you’re not an expert in construction or architecture. It helps to understand why you are looking at siding materials – their advantages and disadvantages – as well as how they measure up against each other in terms of aesthetics, durability, ease-of-maintenance.

Vinyl siding is the most popular type of siding material for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the more affordable options and secondly, it is among the easiest to install. Vinyl offers a lot of benefits at a relatively low cost: it’s long-lasting and durable, requires little to no maintenance, and doesn’t need to be painted.

2. Size of your home

The cost of siding installation is calculated based on the square footage of your home, so it stands to reason that more square feet equal a higher price tag. And it’s not just the size of your home that affects the cost of installing siding, but also how many sides there are.

3. Design/home features

The design and special features of your home can make a huge difference in the cost of your siding replacement. How many stories? Does your home have overhangs, eaves, and gables? A tall, two-story Craftsman-style home with a low-pitched gabled roof, tons of dormers, windows, and trim work will require more materials and labor than a one-story California ranch or even a narrow rowhouse like you find in the Northeast.

4. Removal and disposal of existing siding

In most cases, you’ll have to remove and dispose of old siding. Removing old, damaged siding is a major undertaking. You could be left with rotted wood and termites if you don’t remove the old siding first. To save on repair costs, hire a professional to help you remove your old siding and inspect for damage that your eye can’t see. Be proactive and do it right!

5. Other factors

The time of year and the labor market can also impact overall project costs. Installing siding in the off-season like fall or winter can help you save on materials and labor. In addition, with fewer jobs on your contractor’s calendar, your project could also be completed quicker.

Return on investment

While new siding has the potential to improve the look of your home, increase the value, cut your energy bills, and even eliminates noise, there are actual numbers to back up the value: Homeowners who replace siding with vinyl siding recover about 77 percent of the costs upon resale, according to the latest edition of Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value roundup. 

Financing options

Vinyl siding replacement is one of the most expensive home improvement projects to take on. The good news is that Watkins Siding offers several financing options available to fit every budget with competitive loan rates, flexible payment schedules and online options, easy-to-understand paperwork, and all-inclusive pricing.

Ready to replace your old siding? 

You’ve heard the stories… excessive heat, cold, humidity, and noise. Your home just doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. Fading paint, cracked wood, and disgusting carpets just aren’t how you want your loved ones to live. Let us show you how new interior siding can improve the look of your home, increase its value, and make it more comfortable for all year-round living!

The right siding product, installed properly, can last for decades, and provide peace of mind you can’t put a price tag on. When you’re ready to replace your siding, we’d love to help. Watkins Construction & Roofing at 601-966-8233 or visit us online to request an estimate in Madison, Byram, Ridgeland, or Jackson, MS.

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