When a home is put up for sale, many homeowners are often instructed to perform certain upgrades or lawn maintenance in order to improve the curb appeal of the home. The Jackson, Mississippi home buyer and seller market is a competitive one, so be ready to compete head to head or rather house to house. A new roof adds curb appeal to your home in a huge way. Beautiful landscaping, a fresh exterior paint job, new siding and new doors and windows can all serve to improve the look of a home as well as increase its value in the eyes of the buyer. However, many homeowners fail to consider the roof as a primary factor in increasing both curb appeal and the value of the home. According to renovation expert Bob Villa the first impression of your home could add as much as 20% to your home’s value. This is unfortunate because the roof is also one of the main things that home inspectors will thoroughly examine. If the home inspector finds that the roof requires major repairs or maintenance, it could cause prospective buyers to look elsewhere. In contrast, a new roof not only looks good to all prospective buyers but also serves to reassure buyers that the roof will last for many years to come. When looking from the road, a home’s roof can appear to be as much as 40% of the view making a new roof a major factor in your home’s winning curb appeal.  

New Roof Adds Curb Appeal: Choosing a New Roof for Your Home

A new roof adds curb appeal starts with a good-looking roofing shingle. Owens Corning is a popular shingle in the Jackson, Madison and Brandon areas of Mississippi. Regardless of whether you plan to sell your home soon or have no plans on selling at all, deciding to get a new roof isn’t just a matter of increasing curb appeal and enhancing the look of your home — it’s also about providing important protection for your home from the elements, as well as improving home energy efficiency. The variety of roofing materials available provides many options for homeowners to choose from, but ultimately, decisions are also based on personal style. After all, while choosing the right material is of obvious importance, the roof is something that will be viewed by the homeowners, visitors and passers-by, and so other elements such as shingle color and style are also equally important, especially when seeking to present the image of a beautiful home. A New roof adds curb appeal also must include the buyer of the home. Roofing manufacturers have so many color and styles of new shingles these days it is easy to get carried away choosing your new roof and install some crazy color that a potential buyer might not like. Having an expert roofing consultant that has handled thousands of new roof installs in the greater Jackson, Mississippi is very important. Watkins Construction and Roofing has years of experience installing new roofs in Jackson and the surrounding areas and is a top roofing expert for Mississippi.  

Choosing the Color and Style That Suits Your Taste and Compliments Your Home

Ample research has been conducted into how homeowners make their roofing decisions, enabling roofing contractors to better provide good service and assist in facilitating the decision-making process. It was found that despite the importance of using particular materials in certain types of climates and environments, homeowners will focus primarily on a roof that will serve to enhance their home’s beauty and curb appeal. That’s because the roof is a very important design element, affecting the overall attractiveness of a home, especially when you’ve chosen the right color and style to really improve the depth, detail and beauty of a home. Enhancing curb appeal with a new roof is both practical and aesthetic. When you begin seeking ideas and advice about what type of new roof to get, take the time to speak with several roofing contractors so that you can compare advice as well as see the range of materials available. While some types of materials might be limited in color and style, others may be available in a much larger range of colors to choose from. Bring a picture of your house to the roofing contractors’ businesses so that you can more easily imagine how a certain style and color of roof might look atop your own home, choosing a shingle color can be a frustrating process. Color coordinating the roof with your home’s current colors will also serve to ensure that the home retains its attractiveness to both you and any prospective buyers. It is also important to choose the right type of material that is best suited to provide good protection and durability in your climate and location. For example, if you live in an area with frequent harsh weather, you will want to opt for materials that provide ample protection. Also, if your home is beneath several trees, you’ll want a material that can withstand impact from falling branches and debris. Prospective buyers will look for two things in a roof when interested in possibly purchasing your home. They will of course notice whether the roof looks nice and new, and they will also want to know whether it needs any maintenance or repairs, which an inspector will determine. A new roof not only adds curb appeal, but also serves to increase the value of a home and entices prospective buyers to be willing to pay a bit more for the home as well, as a new roof is certainly a costly expenditure they will be glad to avoid. Even if your home’s roof hasn’t experienced any major damage and appears to be fine, if it is older than 30 years, it is probably time to replace it.  

New Roof Adds Curb Appeal: Skylights and Roof Windows

Adding skylights and roof windows to a new roof also serves to greatly enhance the look of a roof as well as improve the living environment within the home. Skylights and roof windows by Velux are Attractive natural lighting and improved energy efficiency can be garnered by the addition of skylights and sky windows, and they are always an attractive element to prospective homebuyers as well. The environment of a room can be changed significantly, creating a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing area for you and your family to live in, and a major selling point when presented to buyers.
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