When it comes to windows, the options are numerous and all of this can be overwhelming in the end. With so many options available, you will be able to get the right window from the market. Moreover, this gives you the chance of getting the right look for your home at the right price. But it could become quite tough for you to choose one of all these options.

There are different types of frames, a complete set of glass types, and the glazing which you will decide later and the climate conditions of your area. Apart from this, add the price factor in all of this. Moreover, not every frame is good for every home, not every glass can keep your bills down.

This is why you must take some time out and decide which kind of material you would like for your home and what are its prerequisites.

What is the best window material? Vinyl, wood, aluminum.

What is the best window material?


Frames are there to hold the glass in its place. It is these frames that provide the seal between your windows and walls. However, what you need to understand is that how different frame materials can affect the budget, style and window performance.


Wood is great for insulation and style and wood frames have been famous for centuries. They give an amazing look to the home and make it aesthetic. They are also easy to paint and they look charming as they have a different kind of styles and shapes. Moreover, homeowners can choose the frame according to their character.

However, the downside of the wooden frame is that they are prone to rot and crack. You need to properly maintain them if you want them to stay longer.


They are durable and resilient to all kinds of weather. Another plus point of these frames is that they need less maintenance than wooden frames. Moreover, they are good insulators and come with great energy efficiency and have better colour options. However, their colour can start to0 fade away over time.


Aluminium frames are great in warm, rainy, humid climates and they are also rot-resistant. Moreover, they can even withstand a hurricane. They are easy to paint and style. However, their negative point is that they have a metal base that allows the heat to travel inside the house which will warm the house in the summer season.


When you go picking up glass for the windows, you need to make sure that you get those glasses that are energy efficient. Moreover, you can get a rating for the energy efficiency of each glass so that you can compare them to select the right one.

Heat Mirror Glass

Heat mirror windows ate like Quantum2 which can block the 99.7 per cent of UV rays coming into the house and can insulate with the same strength. They are quieter than most of the double-pane windows and they have a lightweight, suspended film technology that can maximize the natural light from the outside.

Tempered glass

It is known for its safety benefits. It will shatter into dull and tiny pieces instead of large sharp shards. This kind of glass is usually used in the front or backdoors.

Insulated glass

The insulated glass is made with the help of two or more pane glasses when they are spaced and then hermetically sealed. This allows the air between the panes to act as insulation between the home and the outside world. Usually, it is filled with argon gas.


After the frames and glass, the style of the windows is the next thing as it is important for the energy efficiency of windows. Moreover, the most common style of windows that are being used is the double-hung windows. These windows can move both up and down through the sashes. They come with a solid seal and they are great against the wind and weather. Moreover, there are different other types from which you can also choose, such as bay or bow windows and casement windows.

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