5 Warning Signs You Need Roof Replacement. By the time, you start noticing the signs of damage in your home, it already becomes too late. Now, instead of just replacing your roof, you’ll have to repair your home as well. That’s the reason why it’s so crucial to invest in regular roofing inspections to detect any potential roofing damage and get it fixed right away. So, how to tell if you need a new roofing system?

If you’ve noticed any of the following five signs, a roof replacement might be a good option for you.

5 Warning Signs You Need Roof Replacement

1. Missing Shingles 

Weather elements like strong winds, lightning, and thunderstorms can wreak havoc on your roofing system that can tear off your shingles over time. In absence of any protective layer, water can seep through your sheathing layers. This can lead to rot, which is extremely difficult to fix. So, as soon as you notice any missing shingles, especially after extreme weather conditions, get in touch with professionals.


2. Curling Shingles 

In absence of regular maintenance, shingles can start curling and breaking a few years down the line mainly because of excessive heat and moisture. The underlying cause of curling shingles in most cases is poor attic ventilation.


3. Multiple Roofing Layers

The worst thing you can do to your roof is to install another roofing layer on top of it. Also referred to as “nail over”, this method of replacing a roof is more affordable. However, on the flip side, it cannot address the underlying issues in your roofing system that can cause more harm to your home in the long run. Installing a second roofing layer over an existing roof with weakened sheathing will dramatically reduce the lifespan of your roof.

This approach to roof replacement will also put a lot of unnecessary weight on your home that can cause structural issues over time. To know the extent of roofing damage and fix it for long-lasting relief, you need to remove your existing roofing system entirely.


4. Damaged Flashing

Flashing works in conjunction with the underlayment to prevent water from entering the deeper layers of your roof. So keep an eye out for missing or rusted flashing around the leak-prone areas like vent pipes, chimneys, and in the valleys between roofing components. Damaged flashing could let water enter your attic if not fixed in time.


5. Mold and Moss Growth

When moisture accumulates between your roofing layers or in your attic and has no way to escape, it usually leads to mold and moss growth. This unwanted microbial growth can slowly kill your roof over time. It can more spread rapidly in the dark and damp tiny spaces between your shingles.


In Conclusion:

Aside from the above-mentioned warning signs, one more reason why you should consider replacing your roof is if you’re listing your home for sale. A brand new roof can help you sell your home faster and at the best possible price.


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